Hello! Welcome to my first post on Artcetera, a blog about art (of all types) and art-making. I’m starting off with one of my favorite things about living in an urban area–serendipitously stumbling into the wit and whimsy of street art. If we take a moment to look up from our cell phones we’ll notice it “everywhere.”

First of all, I LOVE nature. I am drawn to the beauty of the natural world wherever I go. I take delight in small things, like California poppies growing through cracks in the sidewalk. However, I’m very intrigued with art put in the streets by mysterious makers. These anonymous creators who secretly make and leave their 2D and 3D pieces–graffiti, stencil art, paintings and sculptures–in public areas. IMHO, they’re are dong something special: Making pieces that connect and inspire, tease our imagination, generate feelings and nudge us into a realm of wonder. I also think about the makers / creators / artists themselves, wondering about their philosophy or intent. Sometimes it’s obvious like Banksy and his socio-political messages. And sometimes it just seems like a fun, random thing to do such as the small street art piece featured today.

Regardless, I love that their art adds spark to an otherwise mundane walk. Like the time my hubby and I crossed the street when *viola!* we found ourselves at the threshold of a miniature door (see image above and below), curiously placed on a concrete slab, near a street corner. THANK YOU to the anonymous maker who put it there. And THANKS to Street Artists Everywhere: Keep on creating and sharing. The world is your art gallery.


Please note that this is a *Spoiler Free Zone.* I love the spontaneity of street art. So, in that spirit I will not divulge where they’re located. I’ll let people discover these art pieces on their own. I also ask that readers not share the location of any street art. The fun is in the discovery while out and about in the SF Bay Area (that’s my only clue :))

Have you come across any street art lately? Feel free to share any snapshots but please remember: Don’t reveal its exact location. :)!