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Inktober: Tranquil

Today's #Inktober image is a rough sketch depicting what I think of as representative of the prompt, tranquil. It features a girl sitting up in tree, taking in the quiet of the neighborhood park at dusk. My idea of tranquil back in the day and now.

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Coming up

These days, I'm working on paintings for my upcoming picture book, Honu and Moa (BeachHouse Publishing). The photo above features a rough comp of artwork--it probably won't be the final cover. Stay tuned for more posts about this picture book. ~ECM

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Helloooooo & Happy Halloween 2017

There's a lot to catch up on, folks. 2017 has been a busy, creative year so far and I will give a recap soon... especially since I've revived this blog from a 10-month coma in order to post a Halloween story for the... 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest put...

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That Flight, Those Babies

A Page From My Sketchbook I'd never been on flight like THIS. The entire plane was outnumbered by two babies. Two bald-headed, demanding Tyrants-in-Pampers. I'd dragged myself onto the plane, heavy-lidded and exhausted from an incredible week of intensive east coast...

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The day I was quoted

November 29 is a special day for me because this is the day a quote from my book, THE SLEEPING GIANT: A Tale From Kaua'i appears on a page in TODAY I WILL: A Year of Quotes, Notes and Promises to Myself, by award-winning authors Eileen & Jerry Spinelli,...

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Post-Halloween Poems

It's Poetry Friday after Halloween! If you are searching for some spooky good poems for any time of year then check out  An Eyeball in My Garden (and Other Spine-tingling Poems)  This anthology was compiled and co-edited by Laura D. Wynkoop and Jennifer Cole Judd, who...

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Look at what’s popping!

  Pop-up pages are magical. I’ve always loved their intricate combination of art and science–the way in which the paper sculpture moves when you open a page, the burst of color in 3-D and, of course, the element of surprise. Enjoy the ins, outs, cuts and arcs of...

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Tuesday whimsy

I have passed this wrapped telephone pole many times and only today did I notice the small door at the bottom! Here's a close-up view... Whoever made this door has taken a very different approach from the door at the cement block. The color-block door with primary...

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Poetry Friday Fave

Happy Aloha Friday! And Happy Poetry Friday! I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. All around the internet people are sharing poetry--poems they've written or poems written by others (with proper credits, of course). A good explanation for Poetry Friday may be...

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Power in process (for artists of all kinds)

I'm crossing the finish line on this seventh and final day of my daily-post-for-a-week challenge. I can't think of a better way to wrap it up than with a post about "process" and recognizing its place in my studio--and even in my life. First of all, what do I mean by...

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The art of simplification

It's the sixth day of my daily-post-for-a-week challenge so here are six of my favorite quotes on simplifying your life and work. (Above photo: A cover from one of my sketchbooks--I started carving with an exacto blade.)   The ability to simplify means to...

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Poetry in Motion

Thoughts on day five of my daily-post-for-a-week challenge: For me, the beauty of Hula is that the words, rich in meaning and story, provoke and inspire a deep well of expression in the dance. It is poetry in motion. As a hula dancer with Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu, under...

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It’s a comical world

Now that it's day four of my daily-post-for-a-week challenge... Did you know that comics can be found anywhere besides comic books and newspapers? I learned this thanks to the CA College of the Arts online class I'm taking through Kadenze. It's called Comics: Art in...

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A writer’s advice (and book): Take Joy

I've owned the book Take Joy by renowned author Jane Yolen since 2014 but I've not read it cover to cover. Instead, I've skipped around the book, soaking up stories and writerly wisdoms from its pages in a manner similar to sopping up olive oil with french bread--it's...

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This is how I roll

For day two of my daily-post-for-a-week challenge, I'm sharing a photo of my desk. This is where I roll, literally (seated atop my Gaia ball) with digital illustration, design and production art. I juggle a variety of projects from freelance assignments to my own...

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