Happy Aloha Friday, Folks!
I’m happy to share my first videos for the Aloha Friday Art series which runs every other Friday from now until Summer. I hope you find the videos helpful and projects interesting. If there are any questions about the techniques or tips I’ve shared feel free to send a message here. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. If you or your child/children have artwork they’d like to share, please post in Instagram using #AlohaFridayArt.

Aloha Friday ART – Drawing with Markers (Tips & Techniques) Part 1

Please NOTE: The tips & techniques described in this video series apply to most school grade & premium student & professional marker brands.

Aloha Friday ART – Marker Tips Pt. 2

DOWNLOAD Drawing templates for Aloha Shirts project:

Aloha Shirt x1: jpg file: https://bit.ly/2JlV59W and pdf file: https://bit.ly/2Us904F

Aloha Shirts x2: jpg file: https://bit.ly/2UEHv6A and pdf file: https://bit.ly/2wzlHl3

Marker Tips & Project, Part 3

Demo of project with unexpected results (hint: it’s in the final drawing)… To be continued.

Tada! It’s finally done.

UPDATE: It took more than a week to complete because I had to put it away and do other things. However, I was able to find the colors I worked with before and pick up where I left off in the details while adding more details. I don’t know what to call this creature which is a combination of a duck and a slug. Oh, I know… How about Doodle Duck McSlug? 😉 Have fun drawing your own doodles and pictures with markers!

Sample drawing from session with markers–the final result.

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