Hello Friends! You are invited to the launch of new Aloha Friday Art Page. It will run every other Friday until summer, starting March 27, 2020 here at AlohaFridayArt.com. Why am I calling it “Aloha Friday”? Because the name goes back to the mid-1940’s, when folks in Hawai’i started a tradition of wearing “aloha shirts” to work on Fridays. Over time, Aloha Friday came to mean wearing casual clothes and aloha attire to work on Fridays, and giving nod to a fast-approaching, relaxing and fun weekend. Aloha Friday is a lot like art-making–both joyful and challenging. In art, work is play and play is work. Are you up to the fun and challenge? You never know until you try! 😉 I will share activities for all ages, including a “mixed plate” of flavorful art, kid lit and storytelling, plus a side of hula and more helpings of art. See you then! Aloha, Ms. Edna (That’s my name with all the kids in art class =))