The weather looks right for a self-imposed challenge: I am writing one post a day for my opening blog week in order to fill up on content as quickly as possible. It’s been years since I’ve blogged. I’m a bit rusty but I’m having fun and getting the feel for it again. You never really forget–it’s kinda like riding a bike. You start off peddling and getting your balance and then *whoosh* you’re off on a new adventure! That’s how it was yesterday as I drafted and revised, revised, revised my first post.

I started blogging back in the early days of Blogspot primarily for the purpose of sharing artwork in Illustration Friday posts like the one here which was saved in a post by a fellow blogger (gotta love the blogging community!) and this one featured in an old Tumblr account. As you might see, I’m re-purposing the name “Artcetera” which is a play on Art + Etcetera. I enjoy getting my feet wet as a blogger so I might as well dive in all the way. See you tomorrow!

(P.S. After one week of posts, I will have a regular schedule of twice-a-week posts, Tuesdays and Fridays, with an occasional post in between.)