There’s a lot to catch up on, folks. 2017 has been a busy, creative year so far and I will give a recap soon… especially since I’ve revived this blog from a 10-month coma in order to post a Halloween story for the… 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest put on by author Susanna Hill. Here is my entry, a Halloween story in 100-words…


Monster Jr. cried. “Mummy!” He flung himself on the couch. “Owweee!!!”
“What’s wrong?!” asked Mummy.
“My tail hurts!” whimpered Monster Jr.
Aunt Witchelda stopped by for a spell but Monster Jr. refused it.
Then Spirit appeared and handed Monster Jr. candy-corns. He gobbled them down and said, “I feel better!”
Mummy said to Spirit, “Thanks for the trick!”
“And the treat!” added Monster Jr.
Aunt Witchelda asked Spirit, “How did you know?!”
“I knew beyond a shadow of doubt,” Spirit replied, “That a candy-corny story can fix anything—even a monstrous little tale!”
Aunt Witchelda sighed then cackled, “Oh, how punny!”

TTFN! Be sure to check out the contest and read the other entries! 🙂